9.5.4 Graduate School

The Graduate School consists of a dean, members of the graduate faculty, and graduate students. Organizations that serve these elements are the Graduate School office, the Graduate Faculty Council, and the Graduate Student Government.

The Graduate School office is staffed to facilitate and monitor all aspects of graduate education. The academic/administrative mission and operation is directed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Departments and schools are expected to review periodically their graduate faculty's participation and contributions to the graduate program and recommend to the Dean of the Graduate School additions to or removals from the graduate faculty as appropriate.

The dean is advised by the Graduate Faculty Council. This advisory group consists of a department-elected graduate faculty representative from each department offering a graduate degree, the president of the Graduate Student Government, a University Senate liaison, and other members of the graduate faculty at the discretion of the dean. Any member of the graduate faculty who wishes to propose changes to an existing graduate school policy or adoption of a new policy is advised to consult with his/her department's representative who will decide whether or not to bring the matter to the full council and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Graduate Student Government is the official graduate student body government.

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