Planning & Construction

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Planning & Construction provides high-quality master planning, designing, and construction services to Michigan Tech—we meet the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. The department acts as a steward for the University. It plans, designs, and constructs fixed assets, from new and existing buildings, furnishings and equipment to utility infrastructure.

Our engineers:

  • Design, engineer, do cost estimates, and are responsible for construction of all new and remodeling projects on campus
  • Write building project programs
  • Prepare the capital outlay budget
  • Manage design contracts with architects and engineers, and coordinate design with facility users
  • Work with the campus community on facility concerns and improvements
  • Manage construction contracts with all building contractors and construction managers

H-Stem Complex Project

Visit the H-Stem website to learn more about this $53.1 million capital outlay project which will span over several years. View the photo gallery, project milestones and up-to-date construction information, and learn about the teaching and research that is planned to take place in this new facility.