Facility Use Policy

General campus notices, posters, charts, class schedules, etc., are to be posted only on tack boards, bulletin boards, cardholders, etc., which are supplied by the facility for that purpose. Items for display are not to be taped or tacked on walls, doors, windows, building signs, trees, or other non-approved surfaces.

Additional tack boards, chalkboards, and/or display boards may be purchased using departmental funds and must match the existing style and coloring in the facility. The number and locations of proposed additional boards or display cases are to be approved by Facilities Management by submitting a work request .

Facilities Management will install, using appropriate hangers, all furnished boards, pictures, display cases, etc., when requested by a department.

Requests for access to building roofs, penthouses, or mechanical and electrical rooms for academic, construction, or maintenance purposes shall be requested through Maintenance Direct for authorization or assistance.