Engineering Services

Engineering Services

The purpose of Engineering Services is to provide high-quality master planning, designing, and construction services to the community of Michigan Tech by meeting the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. The department acts as a steward for the University and has responsibility for planning, designing, and constructing fixed assets including new and existing buildings, furnishings, equipment, and utility infrastructure.

Engineering Services  has several Engineers who are responsible for:

  • Design, engineering, cost estimating, and construction of all new and remodeling projects on campus
  • Writing building project programs
  • Preparing the Capital Outlay Budget
  • Managing design contracts with architects and engineers, coordinating design with facility users.
  • Working with the campus community on facility concerns and improvements
  • Managing construction contracts with all types of building contractors and construction managers.

Engineering Services Staff Listing

Project Request Procedure

If you are thinking about a project that involves maintenance, remodeling, additions, land acquisition, utilities, landscaping, equipment, telecommunications, or sitework, please follow the process outlined below to help make it a reality.

Step 1.   The Client Project Request is the first step and should be done at the project idea stage.  This brings the correct University entities into the discussion.
Step 2
  •  <$50,000) Not over $50,000? The Engineering Services team will develop an estimate with you.
  •  >$50,000) For any project over $50,000, the Engineering Services team will guide you through the Preliminary Estimate Request form.  This amount is inclusive of all pieces of the project including IT, furniture, outside design costs, etc.

Step 3

  •  <$50,000)  Not over $50,000?  You can simply identify the funding source to your project Engineer and let them know you want to move forward.  
  •  >$50,000)  Once funding has been identified for any project over $50,000, the Engineering Services Team will guide you through the Capital Project Planning form.

♦♦♦ Victory! ♦♦♦  -  your project is about to become a reality!

*There may be Board of Trustees approval needed at certain cost levels; your Engineering Services team member will guide you through this as needed.

Capital Outlay Documents

Each year the University submits a Five Year Capital Outlay Plan to the State of Michigan.  The University may also choose to submit, in conjunction with the Capital Outlay Plan, a capital outlay project request for state cost participation.

2017 Capital Outlay

           Attachment B 2017

2016 Capital Outlay

          Attachment B 2016

2015 Capital Outlay

2014 Capital Outlay

2013 Capital Outlay

Campus Master Planning Reports

Information for Contractors

Any outside contractors working on campus are required to have an up-to-date certificate of insurance on file with us.

The following documents must be read by all contractors awarded bids at Michigan Technological University.

Facility Use Policy

General campus notices, posters, charts, class schedules, etc., are to be posted only on tack boards, bulletin boards, cardholders, etc., which are supplied by the facility for that purpose. Items for display are not to be taped or tacked on walls, doors, windows, building signs, trees, or other non-approved surfaces.

Additional tack boards, chalkboards, and/or display boards may be purchased using departmental funds and must match the existing style and coloring in the facility. The number and locations of proposed additional boards or display cases are to be approved by Facilities Management by submitting a work request .

Facilities Management will install, using appropriate hangers, all furnished boards, pictures, display cases, etc., when requested by a department.

Requests for access to building roofs, penthouses, or mechanical and electrical rooms for academic, construction, or maintenance purposes shall be requested through Maintenance Direct for authorization or assistance.

Facility Assessment Report