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Guidelines for Cleaning Your Office

Employees are asked to:

  • Continue to take your own trash and recycling from individual offices and office suites to the garbage recycling designated area in your building. Please close your bags securely.
  • Research lab trash should be taken directly to the building's dumpster by research lab personnel. Any recycling should be broken down and brought to the common recycling area in your building.
  • Please do not leave trash or recycling in the hallways or stairwells. Bring it to the designed collection locations.

Custodial staff will continue to concentrate their efforts on cleaning and sanitizing public spaces including high-frequency touchpoints, and will provide hand sanitizer in entries and hallways.

Custodians will visit offices on an every-other-week schedule for vacuuming and maintenance checks.

Flag Status on Campus

Report Slippery Conditions:

906-483-SNOW (7669)

For assistance, please contact:

Report Safety Concerns and Near Misses

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