Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging Positive Action Team

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging (DEIS) Positive Action Team is composed of Michigan Tech staff, faculty, and administrators charged with implementing a range of fast-start DEIS initiatives. Team members are strategically positioned to bring about positive change across the University and to set the groundwork for progress in the future.

Spring 2022 Goals

Goal Description Current Status
Corporate Partner Donations/DEI Corporate Speaker Series Cultivate relationships with corporate partners to sponsor DEIS initiatives and establish a DEIS Corporate Speaker Series Not completed
Public Safety Campaign
  1. Publicizing/Promoting Values of Public Safety
  2. Coordinating with other local police agencies
  3. Developing better mutual understanding between police and community

#1 Completed

#2 & 3 Not completed

Facilities Inclusion Project
  1. Better signage (to better communicate “all are welcome here”)
  2. Promote more gender-neutral restrooms on campus 
  3. Promote more lactation rooms on campus
  4. Free hygienic materials in all restrooms
  5. Adaptive Trails
Not completed
Expansion and coordination of Clothing Closet Work with outside partners and expand offerings to include women's interview clothing.



(At the Career Clothing Giveaway event, over 900 pieces of clothing were given away and over 250 students showed )

Faculty Project Create “DEIS Where to Go For What” website/document for faculty and academic units. Completed

Other team goals are underway and will be reported above once they are more fully developed.

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