ADVANCE at Michigan Tech

ADVANCE at Michigan Tech is dedicated to promoting faculty retention, career success, and STEM equity with an emphasis on advancing underrepresented individuals with intersectionalities. We are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and currently are the recipients of 2 ADVANCE grants. Target audiences for ADVANCE programming include academic leadership, tenured faculty, and under-represented minorities.

Advanced Career Management: Faculty Career Success

For Associate Professors


Program enhances sense of belonging and aids in retention

  • Panel Discussions
  • Peer Mentoring Training
  • Career Path Workshops
  • Senior Guide Training
  • Affinity Groups


Advocates and Allies: Respect, advocate, include

For all faculty & Staff


Program enhances unit climate and promotes equity

  • Ally Workshops
  • Listening Sessions
  • Gender in Higher Education Workshops
  • Tailor Advocacy Training Models to MTU


Academy for Responsive Leadership: Include, support, empower

For chairs, deans, & leaders


Program increases retention skills, management skills, and unit success

  • Resources for Leaders
  • Development of Best Practice Guides
  • Interactive Workshops and Learning Modules
  • Inclusively Crafting Unit Climate
  • Collaborative Professional Development


COVID Impact Statements

The purpose of the COVID Impact Statement is to provide reviewers the information that they need to perform a fair, contextualized review of the faculty member’s performance and contributions. We have created a page to help guide you in writing these statements, or click here for a printable pdf.

Our Awards

ADVANCE Adaptation—AMP-UP Continuous Improvement Process to Transform Institutional Practices and CultureADVANCE at Michigan Tech: Incluision. Responsiveness. Career Success.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation, HRD 1760585
Principal Investigator: Adrienne Minerick
Co-PIs: Sonia Goltz, Andrew Storer, Patty Sotirin
Award Amount: $1,000,000
Project Dates: 9/1/18- 8/31/21

ADVANCE Partnership—Joining forces - A Midwestern Partnership for STEM Faculty Success
ADVANCE Partnership: Joining Forces

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation, HRD 1935932
Partnership Team: Cinzia Cervato (Iowa State University), Carla Koretsky (Western Michigan University), Canan Bilen-Green (North Dakota State University), Adrienne Minerick (Michigan Technological University).
Award Amount: $1,000,000
Michigan Tech Subaward: $170,000
Michigan Tech Team: Adrienne Minerick, Sonia Goltz, Patty Sotirin
Project Dates: 9/1/19-9/30/22