The ADVANCE Initiative

Advance Initiative Has Gone Virtual

In order to best accommodate those shouldering the difficult task of supporting children attending school from home, while keeping up with everything at work, ADVANCE will be available in a virtual format during Campus Health and Safety Level 5.

During this time we will be using our ADVANCE Zoom Meeting Room.

Please feel free to drop into the meeting room and we'll join you within a few minutes. The ADVANCE Zoom Meeting Room is available for drop-ins during the hours below or by special appointment. Please email us at: to schedule an appointment.


ADVANCE Zoom Meeting Room Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8am-3:30pm
  • Wednesday: 8am-12pm
  • Friday: By Appointment

About Us

ADVANCE at Michigan Tech is dedicated to promoting faculty retention, career success, and STEM equity with an emphasis on advancing underrepresented individuals with intersectionalities. We are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and currently are the recipients of 2 ADVANCE grants. Target audiences for ADVANCE programming include academic leadership, tenured faculty, and under-represented minorities.

Our Awards

ADVANCE Adaptation—AMP-UP Continuous Improvement Process to Transform Institutional Practices and CultureADVANCE at Michigan Tech: Incluision. Responsiveness. Career Success.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation, HRD 1760585
Principal Investigator: Adrienne Minerick
Co-PIs: Sonia Goltz, Andrew Storer, Patty Sotirin
Award Amount: $1,000,000
Project Dates: 9/1/18- 8/31/21

ADVANCE Partnership—Joining forces - A Midwestern Partnership for STEM Faculty Success
ADVANCE Partnership: Joining Forces

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation, HRD 1935932
Partnership Team: Cinzia Cervato (Iowa State University), Carla Koretsky (Western Michigan University), Canan Bilen-Green (North Dakota State University), Adrienne Minerick (Michigan Technological University).
Award Amount: $1,000,000
Michigan Tech Subaward: $170,000
Michigan Tech Team: Adrienne Minerick, Sonia Goltz, Patty Sotirin
Project Dates: 9/1/19-9/30/22

ADVANCE Sponsored/Recommended Events