Community: Working Together, we are stronger. logo

Community: Michigan Tech promotes mutual respect and dialogue.

We celebrate the exchange of ideas and individual differences. Together, we create and sustain an inclusive and respectful atmosphere of our community.

Unity: Take care of your fellow Huskies. 

We work toward a sustainable, just, and prosperous world. The desire to seek knowledge and understanding unites us.

Working together, we are stronger. We are Michigan Tech.

Here's how faculty, staff, and students can take action to raise awareness and reflect our guiding principles of community and unity:

  • Download and display a CommUNITY poster
  • Download and use the CommUNITY wordmark: Gold Text Version | Grey Text Version
  • Get—and wear—your CommUNITY sticker and/or button (available at upcoming events)
  • Spread the word and share the hashtag on your social media posts: #mtucommUNITY

You have permission to use our copyrighted CommUNITY materials to show your support for an inclusive, diverse campus environment that reflects Michigan Tech's commitment to respectful, kind, and courteous communication. Learn more about our values in Michigan Tech's Strategic Plan.

The CommUNITY campaign has been funded by the President's Office, Provost's Office, and Vice President for Student Affairs Office.