Cap and Gown

You must wear a cap and gown for the commencement ceremony, unless you are an ROTC commissionee. Commissionees wear their uniforms. If you have any questions, please refer to the Regalia Guidelines.

Please note: Graduates attending the outdoor celebration in spring 2021 do not need regalia, although it is encouraged.

How to Order

Students interested in ordering regalia can do so through Herff Jones. To order, follow the link located on the Campus Bookstore website. Please see the official Herff Jones flyer for available products and prices. All orders will be shipped to the address that you provide at the time of order. Attire will ship within two weeks from your order date.

If you have questions regarding your regalia order, contact Michele Nash at 248-667-9018 or

Regalia Deadlines

Early Bird Pricing available now through April 4, 2021
Undergraduate set $50.00 (plus tax and shipping)
Master's set $100.00 (plus tax and shipping)
PhD set $120.00 (plus tax and shipping)

The deadline to order is April 8, 2021. If you miss the deadline, contact

 A few things to note:

  • All sets include a gown, SureFit cap (one size fits most) and tassel. Master's and PhD sets also include a hood.
  • The gown is the property of the graduate. Rental commencement regalia is not available.
  • Master's and PhD students may not wear undergraduate regalia. Similarly, undergraduates may not wear graduate regalia.
  • Students participating in the Midyear Commencement 2021 ceremony may order their caps and gowns beginning in October 2021. Students participating in Spring Commencement 2022 may order their cap and gowns beginning in February 2022. 

How to Get Cords

Honor cords are issued to undergraduate degree candidates based on GPA as determined by the University. They are granted on the following basis:

  • 3.9–4.0 summa cum laude (highest honors)
  • 3.7–3.89 magna cum laude (high honors) 
  • 3.5–3.69 cum laude (honors) 

The Commencement Team will contact the graduates regarding how to get their honor cords. 

Veterans receive a red, white and blue cord to wear at the ceremony. Please contact Kathy Pintar in the Registrar's Office to get your cord.