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Cap and Gown

You must wear a cap and gown for the commencement ceremony, unless you are an ROTC commissionee. Commissionees wear their uniforms, not caps and gowns. 

How to Order

Spring graduates order their caps and gowns in January. The gown is the property of the graduate. Rental commencement regalia is not available.

A few things to note:

  • All sets include a gown, SureFit cap (one size fits most) and tassel. Masters and PhD sets also include a hood.
  • Prices subject to change. There are no refunds on cap and gown orders.
  • Students participating in the Midyear Commencement 2018 ceremony may order their caps and gowns beginning in October 2018.
  • Please contact the Campus Bookstore at 906-487-2410 or

How to Get Cords

Honor cords are issued to undergraduate degree candidates based on GPA as determined by the University. The Campus Bookstore has a list of eligible candidates and cords will be available when students pick up graduation regalia.

How to Wear Your Tassel

Graduates wear their tassels on the right. Michigan Tech asks graduates to wear tassels this way so our photographer has a clear opening to take your picture.