Research Labs

Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building Labs

Labs Location Contact
LAboratory for Separation Technologies (LAST) S003 Lei Pan
Alternative Energy Engineering (AEE) S006 Joe Azzarello, Adrienne Minerick
ChemE Car S006 Jeana Collins
Composites Preparation Laboratory B001 Julia King
 Consumer Product Manufacturing B001 Jon Herlevich, Jr.
Extruder Laboratory B003B Julia King
Design Laboratory B006 Jon Herlevich, Jr.
Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Lab 103 Michael Mullins
Bioprocessing Lab 205 David Shonnard
Biofuels and Bio-Based Products Lab 207, 309, B003A Rebecca Ong
Surface Chemistry Laboratory 209 Lei Pan
Chemical Sensing and Biosensing Lab 307 Yixin Liu
Research and Teaching Laboratory 309A Michael Mullins
Reaction Chemistry and Hydrogen Technology 311 Michael Mullins, David Shonnard
Medical microDevice Engineering Research Laboratory 403, 407B Adrienne Minerick
Bioseparations Lab 405A, 407, 412 Caryn Heldt

Minerals and Materials Science Building Labs

Labs Location Contact
Ore and Rock Laboratory 104, 105 Tim Eisele, Lei Pan
Mineral Processing Laboratory 213 Tim Eisele
Particulate Processing Laboratory 513–515 Tim Eisele, Lei Pan