Giving Opportunities

Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building Renovations

Michigan Technological University has received a $5 million outright grant—with the potential for a $2 million matching grant—from The Herbert H. and Grace A. (HHGA) Dow Foundation for renovations to the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building (Chem Sci). Upgrades will include new teaching labs, public and collaborative spaces, and classrooms, as well as significant improvements to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that improve air quality while generating substantial energy savings.

Anton Pintar Faculty Fellow Endowment

Establishing an Endowed Faculty Fellow in memory of Dr. Anton Pintar. Professor Anton J. Pintar was a Copper Country native and graduated from Michigan College of Mining and Technology (now Michigan Technological University) in 1962 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.

How to Establish This Endowment

ChE Student Assistance Fund

Financial assistance to students who are pursuing co-ops or internships, are experiencing hardships, or find themselves in a position where they need to decide between staying in college or dropping out to seek work.

ChE Study Abroad Fund

Financial assistance to students interested in the Study Abroad Program. Many students study abroad in semester and year long programs, earning college credits for foreign language study and other relevant coursework. Engineering students especially seek opportunities to put their new engineering skills to work in impoverished communities throughout the world.

ChE Faculty Development Fund

Financial assistance for the department to attract the best and brightest faculty to join our team. Top faculty inspire our undergraduate students through their teaching. Their world-class research helps to attract the best graduate students and to secure research grants. Help us build up our labs and provide additional resources for our new faculty so they can reach their goals and become leaders in their fields. Support of this fund also helps to keep tuition affordable.

ChE Undergraduate Learning Commons

The Learning Commons space provides an important, much-need resource for students. In the Department of Chemical Engineering, this space is dedicated to serving our undergraduates.

Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Lab Endowment

The Unit Operations Lab is the only lab of its kind and size in the world used for chemical engineering education. At three stories tall and 6,500 square feet, it emulates a real-world chemical processing facility. Your generous gifts allow the department to continue to improve and maintain this exceptional facility.

Chemical Engineering Outreach

Funds designated to outreach are used to bring industry leaders to campus to speak with students and share their experiences as professional chemical engineers. Support the opportunity for students to meet mentors and make industry connections.

Tomorrow's Pioneers Can Use Your Support Today

Your gifts directly impact the education of students who are advancing to create earth-friendly plastics, medical microdevices, cleaner sources of energy, and so much more.

Monetary gifts go toward attracting world-class faculty, supporting the creation of innovative programs, maintaining advanced facilities and equipment, and funding opportunities for real-world application and experience. These elements are necessary to provide tomorrow’s chemical engineers with the tools to create a better future for all of us.

Giving Contact

Michael Mullins

  • Professor and Chair, Chemical Engineering