AROTC: Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

General Materials

General Materials .doc .pdf
APFT Standards N/A Download
AR 670-1 (Uniforms and Insignia) N/A Download
Battalion Letterhead Download N/A
CC Awards Criteria Download Download
CC Ribbons ID Download Download
CC Precedence of Wear on Uniform Download Download
CLS Study Guide N/A Download
Excused Absence Memo Request Download Download
FM 3-21.5 (D&C) N/A Download
FM 3-21.8 (The Infantry Rifle PLT & SQD) N/A Download
FM 21-20 (Physical Fitness Training) N/A Download
FM 3-22.20 (Army Physical Readiness Training) N/A Download
FM 5-0 (The Operations Process) N/A Download
Michigan Tech Army ROTC Cadet Handbook Download Download
Operation Order (Blank) Download Download
Operation Order (Tactical Outline) Download Download
POV Inspection Sheet Download N/A
Risk Assessment (Blank) Download N/A
Tacsop Download N/A
Tactical SOP (Cheat Sheet) Download Download
Terrain Model Kit (Black and White) Download Download
Terrain Model Kit (Color) Download Download
Time Line Download Download
TLPs Download N/A
STP 21-1-SMCT Warrior Skills Level 1 N/A Download
STP 21-24-SMCT Warrior Leader Skills 2, 3, and 4 N/A Download