Military Arts and Science—Minor

Weekend field training. Hands-on leadership lab. Understand foreign policy, leadership, and advanced tactics through the lens of the US military, and put your knowledge into action. The Military Arts and Science minor offered by the Department of Army Reserve Officer Training Corps at Michigan Tech provides students with foundations in well-rounded leadership as it’s practiced in military institutions, with the opportunity to study one of our country's major instruments of national power.

Explore the facets of international conflict; the formation of national foreign policy; the use of aircraft, spacecraft, and information to create political and military effects; and the development and organization of US military forces.

Minors enable students to specialize in a discipline that’s different from their major, adding extra value to their education and career options. We recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.

Two-phase course covers the bases

The AROTC course has two phases. To enroll, you must be a student at Michigan Technological University or Finlandia University. Students are never required to attend basic training and cannot be activated or deployed prior to completing their academic studies.

Phase 1

The basic course gives students an introduction to the AROTC program and components of the US Army.

Each week, students attend class and a hands-on leadership lab as well as three to five one-hour physical fitness sessions. Each semester, students participate in a weekend field training exercise.

Phase 2

The Advanced Course is designed to teach students advanced military tactics and provide experience in team organization, planning, and decision-making.

Students in advanced courses also attend Advanced Camp, a four week course at Fort Knox, KY where students from Army ROTC programs across the country demonstrate their knowledge and leadership skills. The Advanced Camp takes place during the summer following a Cadet's junior year.

How To Apply

Enrollment in the ROTC program is not a prerequisite. But to pursue a minor, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program and file a Curriculum Add/Drop Form with the Registrar's Office to declare the minor.