Commissioning Program

Graduate as a leader. Not easy, never taken lightly, you’ll feel the accomplishment, and the responsibility, as you raise your hand to take on the oath. Your commissioning day at commencement ceremonies marks two major milestones—you’ll receive both your college degree and the insignia that officially make you a second lieutenant in the US Army.

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC), the in-college officer-commissioning program, adds a layer of military training to your education. Following graduation and commissioning, you’ll embark on specialized officer training in your first Army branch.

Future opportunities await

  • Pursue additional specialized training and postgraduate education opportunities.
  • Be assigned to advanced leadership positions, and staff positions in upper management.
  • Develop doctrine, teach military tactics, or serve as an advisor.
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Commissioning at Commencement


Nationally, AROTC has more than 20,000 cadets currently enrolled and 275 host programs with more than 1,100 partnership and affiliate schools across the country. Women have been an integral part of AROTC since the first group of women was commissioned in 1976. Today, 20 percent of cadets are women.

AROTC produces about 60 percent of the second lieutenants who join the Active Duty Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard.

More than 40 percent of current active duty army general officers were commissioned through ROTC.

Career Paths

US Army Basic Branches

  • Adjunct General
  • Air Defense Artillery
  • Armor
  • Field Artillery
  • Infantry
  • Military Intelligence
  • Military Police
  • Transportation
  • Quartermaster

STEM Degrees

  • Aviation
  • Chemical Corps
  • Cyber
  • Engineer Corps
  • Finance
  • Medical Service Corps
  • Ordnance Corps
  • Signal Corps