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Presentation Request

The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being has long provided outreach to the Michigan Tech campus community. This includes providing presentations, workshops, or a counselor presence at events on campus. Our outreach is geared toward both prevention and intervention to fit the needs of whatever requests we receive. If you are interested in learning more or want to make a presentation request, click the button below. 

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AI-Therapy for Social Anxiety

Michigan Tech is excited to offer an AI-Therapy program called Overcome Social Anxiety, which aims to help students learn how to overcome social anxiety. Overcome Social Anxiety is a comprehensive and fully automated online treatment program that is built upon years of research and clinical experience. You are guided through a number of lessons designed to help you effectively target your anxiety. The program creates a customized experience for you based on the symptoms you report at the start of the program. The system also includes exercises designed to target key aspects of your anxiety profile and delivers automated feedback in both written and audio formats. 

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CampusWell Online Magazine

CampusWell magazine provides college students with information, resources, and strategies on health and wellness issues that are most prevalent on today’s campuses. The content is written for students, and in many cases, by student writers, to allow students to better connect with content. Each article is reviewed by a Professional Advisory Board and Student Advisory Board to ensure that CampusWell is delivering accurate, timely and helpful information.

If you want to learn more about supporting your own mental health and wellness in areas such as stress management, academic performance, healthy relationships, sexual health, and more, check out CampusWell now!

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ULifeline is your online resource for college mental health. ULifeline offers students the ability to learn more about mental health concerns and wellness, how to help a friend, self-evaluator tools, and resources to get help. 

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Be Well Initiative

The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being developed the Be Well Initiative to support holistic well-being through 4 aspects of a healthy lifestyle: connect well, recharge well, live well, and play well. 

Be Well is designed to help students reflect on and support their personal well-being. Learn more on how to create a Be Well plan and strategies to implement. 

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eCHECKUP TO GO provides personalized information and feedback regarding an individual's substance use and how it may affect their health, relationships, and career and life goals. The program walks participants through self-assessments, perception of a problem, and also the perception of college substance use culture. Once a participant has completed the questions a personalized feedback report will be generated that will help participants understand where potential improvements can be made to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

All information that is provided is confidential and anonymous unless the participant chooses to share their information once they have completed the program. 

The Center provides access to three different substance use options through eCHECKUP TO GO, check them out below.

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Center Electronic Resources

Download from our digital library of Center resources! Email for inquires for hard copies of our resources.

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ACHA and HMS Reports

Michigan Tech participates in the ongoing assessment of health and well-being at the university through the Healthy Minds Study and the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment.