Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being

Getting Started

There are many emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, frustration, confusion, guilt, and helplessness, that we all face at some point in our lives. These cases are often temporary, and will clear up by themselves. Sometimes these issues can become long lasting, and you may need assistance to resolve them. 

If you find yourself needing any sort of assistance in clearing up your emotions, the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being is here to help.

When to Reach Out for Help

  • Are you prioritizing things you have to get done instead of making time for your personal well-being?
  • Have you been isolating yourself or withdrawing from others?
  • Do you feel too anxious or too stressed to relax?
  • Have you been overusing alcohol, drugs, food, sex or using other unhealthy coping mechanisms?
  • Are you engaging in risky or self-destructive behaviors?
  • Have you experienced negative changes in your normal habits (sleep, exercise, diet, sleep routines, etc.)?
  • Are you feeling negative about life or feeling hopeless?
  • Does your mind seem to be somewhere else and are you experiencing difficulty concentrating more than usual?
  • Are you having a hard time taking care of yourself, showering regularly, cleaning, cooking, getting dressed for the day?
  • Are you unable to find joy or pleasure in things that you previously enjoyed, like hobbies or friendships?
  • Are you worried about a friend’s mental health or how to help someone else get help for a mental health issue? (Learn more about how to help a friend & report a concern here.)

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may benefit from consulting with a counselor. Email to set up an initial screening. As always, should you or a friend ever experience a mental health crisis/emergency, you can reach counseling services during business hours at 906-487-2538, public safety/on-call counselor at 906-487-2216, Dial Help at 906-482-4357, or call 911.