Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being

Group Room

group room

Welcome to the Group Room

The group room is currently closed for group gatherings until further notice. Occupancy of only one person is allowed at this time by reservation only. Contact Liz Weaver at or 906-487-2538 to reserve this space.

Our group room is designed to maximize the comfort of those who are utilizing this space. The room is spacious enough to hold our group therapy sessions and continues to be a welcoming space for students to use when unoccupied. Although the room is primarily used for running our therapy groups during the academic year, there are times when the room is not being utilized and students are welcome to use this space. The schedule for the group room can be found outside of the room, but can vary throughout the semester, so pay attention to the signs on the door. If you are interested in the availability, contact the front desk before coming over to our office.

When the group room is available for student use, it is the perfect space to relax between classes and decompress. The group room also has a light therapy lamp that students are welcome to use with a counselor's recommendation.