The Green Bandana Project

Green Bandana

What is the Green Bandana Project? (from UW Madison)

This movement started at UW Madison in 2017 and has since spread throughout campuses across the US including Rutgers University Student Assembly, Winona State University, and many others including Michigan Tech!

The Green Bandana Project is a program designed to spread awareness of resources for those with a mental illness or are struggling with a mental health crisis on campus.

Students can take the pledge by attaching a green bandana to their backpacks. This indicates that they are a safe individual to approach with mental health related issues, and are able to help out with the available resources.

These bandanas are a sign of stigma-free quiet solidarity. No one is alone in their struggles.

For more information on how you and/or your organization can become a Green Bandana supporter, please contact and we will help get you the resources you need to help end the stigma!

Green Bandana Resrouce Card

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