The Green Bandana Project

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About the Green Bandana Project

The Green Bandana Project is a program designed to spread awareness of resources for those who live with a mental illness or are struggling to deal with a personal mental health crisis on campus. The Green Bandana Movement started at UW Madison in 2017 and has since spread throughout campuses across the US.

Students can take the pledge to be a mental health advocate by attaching a green bandana to their backpacks. The presence of the bandana indicates that the student is a safe individual for other struggling students to approach when they are seeking mental health support. 

picuture of a green bandana from the green bandana project

Show Support

These bandanas are a sign of stigma-free quiet solidarity. No one is alone in their struggles. There are students who care to help and are ready to listen. There are people who want to support you through the process of getting mental health help and support. 

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Learn More

Visit the Green Bandana movement's website for more information.

Watch this short video: Bandana Project (from UW Madison)

*If you and/or your organization want to become a supporter of the Green Bandana movement, please contact We will provide you with information, materials, and any additional resources needed.

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Information Card

When students pick up a bandana we recommend that they also take an information card with them. The card has multiple emergency resources listed and briefly describes how to help others who are in crisis. This is a great resource to keep in a backpack! If you are interested in having the card or have lost yours, download a new copy here.