Undergraduate Internship

The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being has partnered with the Psychology department to offer an undergraduate internship opportunity with the CSMHW. Students typically enroll in a 3 credit course, which requires a commitment of 10 hours/week or 140-150 hours/per semester. 

Possible Tasks Include:

  • Assist with planning and presenting counseling workshops, Husky Hour podcast, Husky Hobbies, and other events.
  • Create and distribute advertising for events (posters, flyers, table tents).
  • Maintain and create social media posts (including the Well-being social media sites and blog).
  • Perform office work (filing, copying, etc.).
  • Participate in counseling-related professional development opportunities.
  • Participate in mental health training (e.g., Mental Health First Aid, CDI training, online


  • Interns must be:
    • Trustworthy and able to adhere to confidentiality laws. Interns will be required to sign a
      confidentiality agreement and agree to a background check. (While interns will not be
      meeting directly with student clients, they still must adhere to HIPAA laws in relation to any
      client-specific information they might learn while working for the CSMHW.)
    • Self-starters who work well both individually and with others.
    • Great communicators, demonstrating advanced interpersonal skills and empathy for others.
    • Prompt communicators (respond to emails/Slack messages within 24 hours).
    • Available for weekly meetings with supervisor and other interns.

If you are interested in an undergraduate opportunity, please contact your advisor to learn more and how to apply. 

Psychology: Kay Tislar - cltislar@mtu.edu