Participating In Be Well

Be Well is designed to help students reflect on and support their personal well-being. Everyone's idyllic well-being is a bit different as everyone would most likely have a unique opinion of what a well-lived life looks like. Therefore, at MTU, Be Well is designed to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you would like it to be. Read on to see how students can participate in Be Well. If you are an organization or group looking to partner with us for a Be Well event, please scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Students: How You Can Get Involved

Be Well Plan

Making a plan is an essential part of supporting your well-being. We encourage students to make a Be Well plan that considers each faction of Be Well (Connect, Live, Play, Recharge) and how that student can support that faction in the future. As a young adult, you may be looking to support your well-being independently. We encourage students to take some time to develop and foster a Be Well Plan on their own. Additionally, it is helpful to think about some strategies for developing your plan. 

Be Well Stamp Card

Example Be Well card.

Be Well stamp card back.


The Be Well stamp card is now available at all Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being (CSMHW) events! First year students will receive a card in their orientation packet while all other students are encouraged to pick one up! Once students have filled out and redeemed a Be Well card they are encouraged to grab another to start gathering stamps all over again! Be Well cards are considered complete once a person has gotten four stamps either vertically or horizontally (shown above).


How The Stamp Card Works

Bring your Be Well stamp card to an event that supports the Be Well initiative. Each event will focus on a different faction of Be Well which include: connect well, recharge well, play well, and live well. Sometimes the CSMHW will host a Be Well event directly, but we also partner with various other organizations. Continue reading through the Be Well Student FAQ for more information. 

Organizations: How You Can Support Be Well & Partner With Us

We love to partner with different groups and organizations across campus to promote the Be Well initiative. Please fill out the form below if you would like us to be a part of your event that promotes Be Well. We will provide all of the Be Well promotional material, and our Well-being team will provide support as needed. Email us at

The logos below should be displayed on any promotional material that you distribute for events regarding Be Well. Please ensure that you promote the faction of Be Well (Connect Well, Recharge Well, Play Well, Live Well) that is most appropriate to your event. 

Be Well Main Logo

Connect Well

Live Well

Play Well

Recharge Well