Researcher conducts experiments with plants.

Research innovation for a more sustainable and resilient future


Working across departments and disciplines, the Center for Innovation in Sustainability & Resilience (CISR, pronounced scissor) at Michigan Tech supports development of next-generation technologies and facilitates collaboration with partners, co-creating research and knowledge in ways that serve the stakeholders and communities we engage with through our work.

The Center for Innovation in Sustainability & Resilience (CISR, pronounced scissor) is a collaborative Center established through a partnership among the Great Lakes Research Center, the Ecosystem Science Center, and the Tech Forward Initiative on Sustainability and Resilience. CISR works closely with these groups and with the Office of Sustainability and Resilience to grow Michigan Tech’s research leadership in the domains of sustainability & resilience innovations. 

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CISR is helping to support a newly created position at Michigan Tech, Manager of Community Engaged Research Projects, Courtney Archambeau. While her office is in Social Sciences, Courtney is available to serve the broader campus community in support of research that involves engagement with community partners.