Campus Engagement

Engagement in sustainability initiatives both on campus and in the surrounding community provides students the opportunity to enhance their Michigan Tech experience and learn valuable skills. Whether through interdisciplinary applied research and development in Enterprise, standing up for climate action with a registered student organization, living at the Sustainability Demonstration House, or working for the Office of Sustainability and Resilience, Huskies can pursue their academic and personal interests simultaneously.

The Office of Sustainability and Resilience promotes student and staff engagement in sustainability in a number of ways. To cultivate leadership in first and second year students, we partner with Residential Education and Housing Services to build a peer-to-peer education network in the residence halls known as the Sustainability Stewards Program. The network also extends to students living outside the residence halls, with an aim to reach at least 50% of the student body by the 2024-25 academic year. We are also developing a mentorship program to connect students with alumni working in sustainability-related positions with a goal of setting up at least 20 mentorships in the next two years. We also regularly hire students, manage the Chernosky Climate Leadership Award, host the campus sustainability awards, have an active social media campaign, as well as support a wide variety of events open to all of campus throughout the year.

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2023 Sustainability Awards

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