What We Do

Michigan Technological University's Office of Sustainability and Resilience serves as a hub to generate a shared vision for campus sustainability and to facilitate and track progress toward sustainability goals.

Our priorities are:

  • To incorporate sustainability and resilience considerations into the University’s strategic plan and campus master plan to ensure these themes are at the heart of our campus identity.
  • Facilitate best practices related to sustainability and resilience themes across academic, research, student, and operational units on campus.
  • Track and report metrics on all campus sustainability goals.
  • Engage and inspire stakeholder groups on campus and in the community to build and promote a culture of sustainability for a more resilient future.

By seeking ways to enhance sustainability, Michigan Tech aims to increase the resilience of the campus and the other communities locally and beyond.

What is Michigan Tech doing? Graphic

Student organizations and enterprises involve the student3. Active research is conducted on topics of sustainability2. Multiple academic programs focus on sustainability1. Tech purchases wind energy for ½ of its annual electricity supply. The Sustainable Demonstration House serves as an educational living experience.

1 e.g., BS in Sustainability Science and Society, Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

2 e.g., Alternative energy, food-energy water nexus, circular economy of plastics

3 e.g., Green Campus Enterprise, Alternative Energy Enterprise

Tomorrow Needs Michigan Tech

Tomorrow needs leaders to promote sustainability and resilience as a way of life. Michigan Tech aims to become a living laboratory by demonstrating how research, education, and engagement can enhance sustainability and resilience locally and globally. By seeking ways to enhance sustainability, Michigan Tech aims to increase the resilience of campus and other communities locally and beyond.