Student Groups

There are many student groups on campus devoted to sustainability. Explore the groups and see how you can get involved and create real change on campus.

Sustainability Demo House logo

Sustainability Demonstration House

The Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) is a living laboratory of sustainability projects in real-time. This student-run, retrofitted house on Woodland Road strives for net-zero emissions and waste and serves as a model of sustainability for campus and the community. Sample projects include vermicompost, aquaponics, Lettuce Grow farm stand, beekeeping, and maple syrup. Major facilities upgrades are planned for the future to improve the energy performance of the house.

KYCA logo

Keweenaw Youth for Climate Action

The Keweenaw Youth for Climate Action is a student activism group whose goal is to convince MTU and the Keweenaw to take action in addressing Climate Change. We aim to create a brave space for all people willing to advance sustainability, environmentalism, and addressing the climate crisis. We engage with the community in advocacy, education and supporting like-minded efforts. All our actions come from a place of love, justice, and respect for the Earth and its inhabitants.

S4S Logo

Students for Sustainability

We are an organization with a vision of a circular economy at MTU. Students for Sustainability use design thinking to brainstorm and implement new ideas and are currently focusing on composting, recycling, and reusing on campus. Students for Sustainability is a group of students that sees a need for environmental change on our campus and community. Meetings take place on Thursdays at 6pm and are action-based.

AEE logo

Alternative Energy Enterprise

The Alternative Energy Enterprise(AEE) is a multidisciplinary, student-run company out of the Chemical Engineering department at Michigan Tech. Our goal is to create or improve technologies to create a sustainable future where our energy needs are met via carbon-neutral sources, lowering our carbon footprint and allowing for energy independence in local communities.

CPM logo

Consumer Products and Manufacturing Enterprise

Consumber Products and Manufacturing Enterprise (CPM) students engineer consumer products to solve real-world problems while developing entrepreneurial, technical, and professional skills. Projects include: biogas and compost, biodiesel, alternative heat transfer fluids, and reusable beverage containers.

Green Campus logo

Green Campus Enterprise

The goal of Green Campus Enterprise is to annually measure the carbon footprint of Michigan Tech, and design and implement projects to improve the sustainability of the campus. Projects include: carbon footprint analyses, sustainability assessments, aquaponics, composting, waste heat, and rooftop solar.

HotForest logo

HotForest Circular Bioeconomy Enterprise

HotForest Circular Bioecomony Enterprise's mission is to promote sustainability and advance the circular economy through education & collaboration with MTU, industry leaders & our local community. Projects include: solar tables, sustainable fuel spill cleanup, mycelium as biomaterial in furniture products, and disposable mask recycling.

Community Partners and Organizations