Planning and Assessment

Through a collaborative process involving stakeholders across campus, Michigan Tech developed the first campus Sustainability and Resilience Action Plan in 2022. The plan sets measurable goals, timelines, and strategies for improving the sustainability performance of the institution and will form the basis for annual reports on the activities and progress starting in the fall of 2023. It is a living document that we will modify as we advance and learn from our efforts. Importantly, the sustainability plan will link directly to the university strategic plan, promoting a deeper commitment to the goals across the university's activities and planning process.

The focus areas on this website provide an accessible overview of the goals in the action plan. We will update our progress on each focus area annually in October.

In addition to campus-based planning and annual assessments, Michigan Tech participates in the STARS reporting framework to ensure our efforts align with best practices across the country and globe. Read our 2023 STARS report.

"The challenges of Michigan Tech are tied to the challenges of the world. We are excited to provide resources and engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to contribute to our goal of being more sustainable and adaptable to an uncertain future."Alan Turnquist, Michigan Tech Director of Sustainability

STARS Reporting Framework

Gold STARS Seal

We earned a Gold rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Recording System (STARS) in the fall of 2023. While there are many pockets of excellence across campus, our STARS report indicates that there are also some gaps. Opportunity areas include operational improvements such as reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing our waste production, building our coursework and research portfolio, and developing a plan to integrate sustainability efforts across the institution. Students, faculty, and staff have conducted a comprehensive gap analysis and led to a Gold rating for our 2023 submission.