Industrial Archaeology and Heritage Dissertations

Doctor of Philosophy Degrees Awarded in Industrial Archaeology and Heritage


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J.D.M. Arnold. 2017. Preserving the Vernacular Postindustrial Landscape: Big Data Geospatial Approaches to Heritage Management and Interpretation. [ProQuest]


F.E.  Sutherland, The Cuyuna Iron Range: Legacy of a 20th century industrial community. [ProQuest]


M.N. Henshaw, Hog Chains and Mark Twains: A study of labor history, archaeology, and industrial ethnography of the Steamboat Era of the Monongahela Valley 1811-1950. [MTU Library] [ProQuest]


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C. C. Hartnell, Arctic network builders : the Arctic Coal Company's operations on Spitsbergen and its relationship with the environment. MTU Archives and Library Stacks-3 LD3300.D2009 H333; Online at [MTU Library]