Policy 108.2

(Proposal 15-69) (Proposal 35-20)

Senate Policy 108.2

I. The MTU Senate approves in principle the establishment of undergraduate cooperative education programs. However, it is recognized that each individual cooperative agreement must be evaluated on its own merits, both from the standpoint of academic value and from considerations of adaptability to a given curriculum.

Minimal considerations in these evaluations are:

1. The potential academic value of the cooperative program, judged in the light of the responsibility of the University to maintain an independent and critical role in society.

2. Assurance that each individual agreement between the University and a given organization provides that:

a. The student be employed by the organization in a manner beneficial to his academic program.

b. The University not be bound to an agreement it may be unable to fulfill, such as being required to send students to a company when none be available.

c. No undue financial or academic burden be placed on the Department entering into the agreement, its faculty, or its students.

II. Responsibility for evaluation of each agreement lies with the faculty of the Department involved. Hence, before implementation, each cooperative agreement between the University and an organization shall be approved by a majority vote of the faculty members of that Department.

III. The results of the Departmental vote on each agreement shall be entered into the Senate agenda by the Departmental Senator for the meeting of the Senate following the Departmental vote. The results of this vote shall be entered into the Senate minutes.

IV. Prior to implementation of an agreement, the Senate may question its acceptability and may recommend that the agreement not be entered into. The Senate may also recommend termination of an existing agreement.

V. Student eligibility for enrollment in a cooperative program shall be determined by the Department involved. It is recommended that, in order to enroll in a cooperative program, a student have completed at least his freshman year and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.20.


Adopted by Senate: 16 April 1969


Proposal 35-20

Proposal to Rescinded by Senate: 25 March 2020

Approved by Administration: 2 April 2020