General Information

Vision Statement for the University Senate

The University Senate will be regarded as a respected, relevant and independent representative body that leads by promoting faculty and staff interests in the shared governance of the University. Its actions support the University mission and the day-to-day professional activities of faculty and staff. The University Senate is an active partner in University decisions affecting academic and administrative affairs.

The Function of the University Senate

The Michigan Tech University Senate is the representative body for its constituents and speaks on their behalf on matters under the Senate's jurisdiction. The Senate has the responsibility and authority to review and establish policy in many areas, such as curricular matters, teaching quality, evaluation of teaching and all matters pertaining to the academic calendar. Policy for professional staff constituents is also formulated and reviewed by the Senate. The Senate is the principal forum for discussion of any matters of interest to the university community. Senate meetings are usually held in Dow 642 at 5:30pm twice a month during the academic year.

Constituents of the University Senate

The University Senate’s constituency is the University’s academic and research faculty and professional staff, including staff employed at independent research units. These groups meet and operate as a unit under a single Constitution and By-Laws, with a single set of University Senate officers and committees.

Membership of the University Senate

The composition of the senate is one senator and one alternate elected by and from the academic and research faculty of each academic department. One senator and one alternate is elected by and from each of the professional staff and research representation units. Four at-large academic and research faculty senators are elected by the entire faculty constituency. Two at-large professional staff senators are elected by the professional staff and research unit constituencies. Official non-voting liaison members from units designated by the senate and listed in the Bylaws are also members.

Officers of the University Senate

The officers of the Senate shall be a President, Vice President, and Secretary. Their duties shall be defined in the Bylaws. These officers shall be chosen by the continuing senators and the senators-elect following the annual spring elections.