Agendas and Minutes

Senate Agendas

The Senate office distributes meeting agendas to senators, alternates, and liaison members before each meeting. Proposals, minutes of meetings, etc. are attached to agendas.

The campus press and senior administrators also receive copies. For general access, agendas with attached materials are placed on reserve in the Michigan Tech University library. Agendas from past meetings can serve as a handy guide to Senate minutes and for finding when various matters were considered by the Senate.

Senate Minutes

The minutes available on-line represent the text of the minutes distributed to the Senate for correction and approval. The appendices that form part of the minutes are not included with the on-line text of the minutes. Some appendices, such as agenda and proposals, may be available in other parts of the website.

A complete set of the minutes is kept in the Senate office. For a copy of any minutes between 1959 and 1999 please contact the Senate Assistant.  A set of minutes is available in the University archives and is updated annually.

Meeting Archives

Select the year/meeting number to access the minutes and agendas from that time period: