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Senate Elections: Voter Information

This webpage is set up to help those voting in a Senate election get more information about Senate run elections and the candidates running for the given position(s). Recent election results will also be added to the bottom of the page.

Current Nominees for Active Elections:

Senate Officer Election Candidates:

  • President:
    Robert Hutchinson
  • Vice President:
    Paige Short- "Paige Short is the Associate Director of Operations in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Michigan Technological University. Paige is a proud Michigan Tech alumna and has been actively involved on campus, serving as a University Senator, committee chair, and Vice President; member of Staff Council; and participating in various other University committees and groups.
    Statement of Reasons for Running: She believes higher education should be available to everyone who wants it, and that belonging should be a shared responsibility. Paige is running for the position of University Senate Vice President to advocate for positive change, connect stakeholders with changemakers, and help identify areas where processes need improvement to better support a the entire campus community.
    Verifiable Qualifications: -Current Senate Vice President, active University Senator, and member of Staff Council, demonstrating involvement in campus governance -Extensive experience in project management, process improvement, content strategy, communication, and accessible design through roles in University Marketing and Communications -Excellent communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills -Commitment to listening, acknowledging areas for improvement, and driving positive change."
  • Secretary:
    Paul Bergstrom- " I have served in the University Senate, most recently for the past 3 years, and chaired the Curriculum Policy Committee during that period. With some of the critical program launches that have been developed during this period (Essential Ed., BS Nursing, Digital Badges, BS Aerospace, and many others) it has become more and more clear to me how important the engagement and ongoing dialog with the University administrators is in working through shared governance and serves to undergird and strengthen our institution, or demonstrates our weaknesses when that fails. Serving as the Senate Secretary may give me collaborative opportunity with the other Senate officers to enhance and expand the University Senate voice regarding our critical need for more transparency and dialog as our university seeks to enhance its reputation and scope."

    Lanrong Bi- "I'm honored to accept the nomination for the University Senate Secretary position. I deeply value honesty, openness, and teamwork and look forward to serving our Senate community in this role. Being part of Michigan Tech has allowed me to meet and work with many people—students, teachers, and staff members. These experiences have taught me a lot about the challenges and opportunities we face and sparked a desire to help make our university a place where innovation, inclusivity, and striving for excellence are part of everyday life. As Senate Secretary, I'm committed to ensuring that our Senate functions effectively and that information is easily accessible to everyone. Clear and timely communication is essential for making informed decisions and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Along the way, I've learned the skills that will benefit this role, such as being detail-oriented, organized, and a good communicator. My role as chair of the Committee for Promoting and Facilitating Equity and Understanding (CPFEU) has given me a solid understanding of how to think ahead to meet the diverse needs of our university community. I'm eager to work alongside Senate members and the broader university community to develop initiatives that reflect our collective values and goals. By working together, we can face challenges, seize growth opportunities, and continue to enhance Michigan Tech's reputation as a place of excellence and innovation."

    Eric A. Seagren- "I have served as the Civil, Environmental and Geospatial Engineering faculty representative to the University Senate since July of 2020. During that time, I have served as Chair of the Research Policy Committee, 2020-2022, and Co-chair of the Administrative Policy Committee, 2022-present. I am interested in serving as Senate Secretary because it would give me an opportunity to work with the other Senate officers in providing a strong voice in decision-making on campus, as well as articulating and supporting the principles of shared governance. It is the people that make Michigan Tech a good place to work, and when those people all have a voice and a shared sense of purpose, we all do better together, as do the students."


Previous Election Results: