The purpose of a minor is to officially recognize a student who takes a prescribed set of courses in a discipline outside their major.  To receive a minor, students must be currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at Michigan Tech, have added the minor to their student record,  and have completed all requirements for the minor.  The award will be noted on the official transcript.

A student must add the minor to their record no later than the time when the student submits their application for graduation.  A student cannot be awarded a minor that has the same title as their major or major concentration.  Students who wish to pursue a certificate in the same academic discipline or subject area as a minor must receive permission from the academic department.  In addition to meeting the requirements specified by the academic unit offering the minor, a student must:

  • All minors, including interdisciplinary minors, must originate in an academic department.
  • Minors require at least 18 credit hours of course work.
  • At least 6 credits of the 3000-level or higher minor-required courses must be taken at Michigan Tech.  Courses that meet the "at Michigan Tech" requirement are defined as courses listed in the course catalog and taught by a Michigan Tech instructor either on campus, at field locations, or through distance learning.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for courses completed as part of the minor.
  • Credits may not be double counted between minors or between minors and certificates.
  • Tracks, or focus areas, are not allowed in minors with the exception of the two minors with tracks that currently exist (Biological Sciences).

A student interested in getting a minor should first express their interest to the minor advisor and then use the curriculum change portlet in MyMichiganTech to request the minor.  See the Change Your Major/Minor/ Concentration page for more information.