Guest Access Frequently Asked Questions


What is Guest Access?

Guest Access allows Michigan Tech students the ability to grant others access to student information. Depending upon the level of access granted, guests may view accounting statements, grades, unofficial transcripts, financial aid, emergency contacts, class schedules, or even pay student bills.


How do I access the Guest Access system?

If you have been granted access by a student, you will receive an email from Michigan Tech asking you to complete the Guest Access Authorization Registration request form. Complete and submit this information and choose a log-in ID and password. You will receive an email verifying that you have successfully registered for Guest Access. Follow the link provided in the email to access the Guest Access system. Information selected by your student will be available to you.


I have not yet received a guest access request email, even though my student signed me up. What should I do?

Please contact your student to verify that he/she sent your correct email address. Also, check your spam folder to ensure the email was not filtered from your inbox.


I am getting a message "unable to log-in due to a Password or Account Name (ID) problem." Is there a problem with the log-in?

First, verify that the email log-in ID you entered on the sign-on page is the same email address you provided when you originally set up your Michigan Tech Guest Access. Then, verify that the password you are entering is correct.


What if I forget my log-in and password?


I have Guest Access, and I wish to view my student's bill. However, after the page opens, instead of seeing data or links, I get the message "No Billing Information Found." Why can't I view the bill?

The information is not in the system. Your student will be advised via email when the billing information is available.


I have two students currently attending Michigan Tech. Do I need to set up two separate Guest Accounts to log in and view data for each student?

No, you only need to create one Guest Access account. The same log-in ID and password allows you to see information for each student, as long as they have both authorized your email address. Click the "Select a Student" button on the Guest Access menu and select the student whose information you wish to display.


Why must a student grant me access?

Your student must grant your access due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects the privacy of students and prohibits the University from disclosing any student information, including financial information, without the explicit authorization of the student.

Click here to find out more about FERPA.


Who do I contact if I experience difficulty using the Guest Access system?

If you need assistance or have questions, call us at 906-487-2319 or email the Registrar's Office.


Why am I able to view/pay my student's bill but am unable to view the academic transcript?

You have not been granted access to the academic transcript by your student. Students may choose what information is available to their guest accounts.