Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory

Laboratory equipment
Auger laboratory equipment 

The Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory is dedicated to the study of the highest-energy cosmic rays. The facility is jointly constructed and operated by Michigan Technological University and some 100 other institutions in 17 countries. The observatory site is located in Mendoza, Argentina, and has been fully operational since 2007. A major upgrade of the observatory is underway now.

The observatory is the premier facility in the world for the study of cosmic rays with energies above 1019 eV. Tech faculty and student members of the Auger collaboration have full access to the facility and its data for high-energy astrophysics research. Current student efforts involve studies of the atmospheric conditions at the observatory and the search for extensions to standard model particles.

Funding for Tech’s Auger research is provided by the US Department of Energy.


David F. Nitz

  • Professor Emeritus, Physics


  • Experimental Particle Astrophysics

Brian E. Fick

  • Professor, Physics


  • Experimental Astroparticle Physics