Featured Labs and Shops

The MET curriculum emphasizes lab experience. Students have access to spaces equipped with the latest industry-standard technology, allowing for a smooth transition from college to the workplace. Peruse the list below and see what we have in store for you.

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Watch the Video

Applied Fluid Power Laboratory

Applied Fluid Power Laboratory

Lab activities include pneumatic circuits, electro-pneumatic circuits, hydraulic circuits, electro-hydraulic circuits, hydraulic pump testing, and faculty research.

Location: EERC S037
Contact: John Irwin

Power Systems Lab

Power Systems Lab

Lab activities include:

Internal Combustion Engines

  • Engine Parameters, Work and Pressures
  • Air Fuel Ratios
  • Noise Abatement and Emissions Engine Cycles
  • Thermodynamic Analysis, Otto Cycle
  • Thermochemistry of Fuels
  • Air and Fuel Induction Emissions
  • Fluid Motion within Cylinder
  • Combustion and Exhaust
  • Flow Bench Testing: Emissions and Air Pollution
  • Heat Transfer in Engines
  • Friction and Lubrication

Applied Quality Techniques

  • Process Improvement
  • Precision Measurement/Metrology


  • Orifice Discharge Coefficient
  • Pipe Flow Experimentation

Location: EERC S036
Contact: John Irwin

Thermal Fluids and Strength of Materials Lab

Thermal-Fluids and Strength of Materials Laboratory

Lab activities include:

Strength of Materials

  • Strain Gauge Instrumentation
  • Deflection Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Compression Testing
  • Shear Testing
  • Column Buckling


  • Density and Uncertainty
  • Pressure Transducer Calibration
  • Temperature Measurement/Calibration
  • Saturation Temperature/Pressure and Throttling
  • Viscosity
  • IC Engine/Polytropic Process

Location: EERC S016
Contact: John Irwin

Equipment in the Machine Shop

Machine Shop

The MMET department maintains a Machine Shop with comprehensive learning facilities available to students. The shop also offers machine-fabrication services and polymeric additive manufacturing for the campus research community.

Location: Minerals and Materials 119
Contact: Nick Hendrickson, operations/facilities supervisor

Student designing on a computer.

Senior Design Lab

Students enrolled in Senior Design have twenty-four-hour access to lab space in the Electrical Energy Resource Center.

Location: EERC 420
Contact: John Irwin

Graph display on monitor.

Computing Resources

The Latest Software

All computers in these classrooms and labs have a comprehensive suite of software including packages for design, analysis, statistics, CAD, FEA, office productivity, and many other applications.

  • EERC 318: Wireless Lounge, 4 workstations, printer, and scanner
  • EERC 330: Computer classroom and lab, 44 stations
  • EERC 421: Computer classroom and lab, 25 stations