For a fresh perspective on campus events, we’ve pulled lines from a few recent stories in the Lode to illustrate what matters to students, from a new co-ed rooming policy (with some unanticipated benefits) to a slated on-campus smoking ban.

“If we want to have a voice about what happens on campus, we cannot allow opportunities to voice our opinion pass by. This survey was posted in an email that is sent out every academic week to every student; 7,031 students had an opportunity to make their wishes known. Only 273 people did. Admittedly, I’m not one of them.”

Opinion editor Taylor Domagalla shocks us all by revealing why the student response to a campus poll fell one short of 274. The issue: should we have a pond on campus? (December 4)

“. . . there is no real suspicion that there was any foul play.”

Dan Bennett, director and chief of Public Safety and Police Services, in Lode News Editor Katelyn Waara’s article about a fire in the basement of the library that damaged archive records. (October 30)

“When girls live in the halls with guys, it helps make the place not smell as bad.”

Added perks for gender-neutral housing, which begins a trial run in some of Tech’s halls starting next academic year, according to student Allen Harrison in Lode writer Erika Vichcales’s article. (December 4)

“I look over notes, do practice exams, have review sessions and cry.”

Confessions of a stressed (or snarky?) college student. Katelynne Bauer, Lode reader, shares her finals study tips in the weekly “Ask Tech” column. (December 11)

“. . . the Libraries Saving Lives program attracted 107 visitors in two days. 32 of those visitors signed up to be organ donors . . .”

Lode writer Jane Kirby on the kindness of strangers (October 9)

Huskies defeat Wildcats at Miners Cup

A headline shouts victory in writer Jacob Shuler’s article about our rivals at that other school just down the road. (October 9)

“. . . the best viewing of the Northern Lights is from Alaska and Canada, but they can also be seen from the most northern parts of North America, including Houghton.”

Nicole Lutzi, Lode writer, shares tips after a spectacular multi-night lightshow and sent us to our globe to determine if Houghton is truly farther north on the continent than Nome or the Yukon. (October 16)

“It’s about time they clean up these streets.”

Lode reader Adam Tuff voices his opinion on the campus-wide tobacco ban taking effect next year. (October 23)

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