Letters to the Editor

Remembering the 1962 championships

Thanks for another great issue of your magazine. Regarding “The Boys of Winter”: I drove nonstop to Utica, New York, from my home in Plymouth to see the final game of the 1962 NCAA Championships, fully expecting to see Tech play the University of Michigan. What a surprise to see them play Clarkson. Then another all-night drive home. That was a great team with a great coach.

I’m leaving in one hour to see Tech play U of M once again in the Great Lakes Invitational, hoping for an upset.

Stewart Oldford ’56

P.S. We are privileged to have another great coach, and for God’s sake don’t give him back to the Big Blue.

Editor’s note: Tech did upset U of M in the 2012 GLI, winning the tournament for the first time since 1980, when head hockey coach Mel Pearson was a Huskies player.

A survivor’s story

I wanted to let you know that I was really touched by your recent piece in the Michigan Tech Magazine (“A Survivor’s Story,” winter 2012–13). Bob Peterson’s life story was fascinating adventure reading, but I was particularly interested in the summation at the end. He dismisses a chest full of medals that were clearly earned by displaying courage in situations that most of us can’t imagine, and focuses on how fortunate he felt in his marriage and family. His devotion to his wife and his appreciation for their time together really spoke to me. Thank you so much for sharing this moving biographical sketch with us; it makes me even a little more proud of the legacy of Michigan Tech.

Steve Hahn ’82 Chemistry
San Mateo, California

I’m writing to tell you that I rate your winter issue the best ever. I receive three other alumni publications. They do not compare.

Your article on Robert Peterson was perfect. I called and talked to him, and it was a real treat. My brother, Paul, was in the same class and also went off to war in Europe. He returned too late to get back into Tech and so finished his education elsewhere. I sent him my copy of the magazine.

Regarding the article “The Boys of Winter”: you cannot say enough good about Coach MacInnes. I had the privilege to know him. He was much more than a fine coach.

Michael E. O’Neill ’60
Springfield, Virginia

Editor’s note: Bob Peterson ’49 passed away peacefully at Omega House on March 9, six months to the day after his beloved wife’s death there on September 9. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

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