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    Letters to the Editor

    Thanks for another great issue of your magazine. Regarding "The Boys of Winter": I drove nonstop to Utica, New York, from my home in Plymouth to see the final game of the 1962 NCAA Championships, fully expecting to see Tech play the University of Michigan. What a surprise to see them play Clarkson. Then another all-night drive home. That was a great team with a great coach.

On the cover: The Seney National Wildlife Refuge, located about 180 miles east of Houghton, has been diked and ditched for decades to create a watery incubator for ducks and geese. Now a Michigan Tech alumnus is unleashing some of those waters in an effort to restore a portion of the original Seney marshes. Pictured, a pool near the refuge offices glistens in the dawn light.

  • Marcia Goodrich—Editor
  • Clare Rosen—Graphic Designer
  • Sarah Bird—Photographer