Two teams of researchers working outside the cloud chamber.
The Pi Cloud Chamber at Michigan Tech joins renowned facilities across the US—including portable radars and mountaintop observatories—funded by the National Science Foundation for use by the scientific community.

In 2021, Michigan Tech researchers tackled big issues on Earth and beyond.

In this issue of Research, our feature stories showcase audacious, propulsive work blazing trails to technological advances and entrepreneurial success.

Origins of Orbion highlights a Houghton-based startup company steered by Huskies and specializing in orbital propulsion technology. To the Moon—and Beyond visits the Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab, where ideas for lunar tech are winning NASA funding.

Sequence of Events tells the story of how our COVID-19 testing lab put the University's capabilities on the state's radar, leading to a partnership in infectious disease surveillance. And Turning Trash Into Treasure introduces a Michigan Tech researcher who led development of a globally significant achievement—the successful conversion of plastic waste into edible protein powder.

The researchers in Awards and Honors celebrate major career successes while Beyond the Lab salutes student excellence along with the research impacts of autonomous data collection and solar energy.

Research in Brief explores the breadth of Michigan Tech research, from a graduate student–run wellness program to using tree genetics to adapt fruit- and nut-bearing trees to climate change.

Michigan Tech recorded research expenditures of $81.9 million in 2021—see a breakdown of funding through Research Data and Tracking—and researchers secured major grants and partnerships:

Prometheus Borealis car parked on campus.
Michigan Tech's AutoDrive Challenge fully autonomous vehicle, "Borealis Prime," parks on campus in fall 2021. Its autonomous technology was designed, built, and tested by MTU students.

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