Two researchers working in a fume hood.
Caryn Heldt and Pratik Umesh Joshi work at a biological safety cabinet in a Michigan Tech laboratory.

Michigan Tech faculty earn honors in 2021 for their innovation and dedication.

Bhakta Rath Research Award

The Bhakta Rath Research Award recognizes a doctoral student and their Michigan Tech faculty adviser. The award was established by Bhakta B. Rath and his wife, Sushama Rath, to recognize those who conduct exceptional scientific and technological research in anticipation of the future needs of the nation while supporting potential advances in emerging technology, and will continue to apply this knowledge throughout their careers.

Caryn Heldt

Caryn Heldt

  • Director, Health Research Institute
  • James and Lorna Mack Endowed Chair of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering
  • Professor, Chemical Engineering

Pratik Umesh Joshi

Pratik Umesh Joshi

PhD Graduate, Chemical Engineering

What we do: Find ways to produce vaccines on an industrial scale that saves time and money. 

Why we do it: Our goal of bringing vaccines to market faster and with a lower cost will make vaccines available around the world.

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Michigan Tech Research Award

The Michigan Tech Research Award recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement by a faculty member. It is based on the impact of the person's research, particularly sustained research or a noteworthy breakthrough. The Michigan Tech Research Award is symbolic of the University's high standard for research endeavors.

Gregory Odegard

Gregory Odegard

  • John O. Hallquist Endowed Chair in Computational Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Director of Research
  • Affiliated Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Faculty Advisor, American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Michigan Tech Chapter

What I do: Use computational simulation to help develop the next generation of composite materials for crewed missions to deep space.

Why I do it: Developing new materials for aerospace applications is very expensive and time-consuming. Computational simulation facilitates this process so we can quickly design, characterize, and produce these new materials.

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