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    Pressures and Possibilities: The Pandemic Story We're Still Writing

    The times are unprecedented, uncertain, and difficult. Caution is abundant. Everyone rose to the challenge. We are all in this together. And hindsight is 2020. What can we say about keeping the University running during a pandemic that won’t sound like a cliché?
    Nothing, honestly. The last few semesters have been tough—and it’s not over. And, it’s not just us. While the Keweenaw may be at the ends of the earth, Michigan Tech’s community does not live in a vacuum. Quarantine, political tension, protests, remote instruction, curbside pickup, nasopharyngeal swabs—everyone has been and continues to deal with it all.

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On the cover: The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, but Michigan Tech has dealt with pressures and possibilities the way it does best: Take a deep breath, take stock, solve for x, repeat.

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