International Programs and Services

How J-1 Scholars Transfer

You may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose is to complete the academic objective approved when you were admitted. The transfer process requires coordination between both the responsible officer who administrates your current program and the responsible officer of your new J-1 program.

To Transfer to Michigan Tech

  • Inform your university’s J-1 Responsible Officer you intend to transfer here.
  • Complete and submit the J-1 Visiting Scholar Transfer In Request to Michigan Tech International Programs and Services.
  • Remain at your current institution until the effective date of the transfer.
  • Report to IPS when you arrive. Attendance, required by federal law, must start within 30 days after your transfer date.
  • Get your new DS-2019 from IPS.

To Transfer from Michigan Tech

Report to the international office at your new university to collect your new DS-2019 within 30 days after your transfer date.