International Programs and Services

How to Maintain J-1 Status

The J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor program is administered by the US Department of State and students must follow DOS regulations. They must also maintain regular communication with everyone involved in the exchange agreement, including program sponsors and International Programs and Services (IPS).

To keep J-1 status you must:

  • Report to IPS when you arrive.
  • Have a valid DS-2019, a passport valid for at least the next six months, a visa, and copy of your electronic I-94 Form.
  • Make sure your activities are appropriate, and true to your program’s objectives.
  • Get work authorization from IPS or your sponsor if you get a job.
  • Carry health insurance that meets the minimum DOS requirements.
  • Remain in the US for no more than 30 days after completing the program, or the expiration date on your DS-2019, whichever is earlier.
  • Update all address changes within 10 days on MyMichiganTech. If you can't do that, report the change to IPS.
  • Make sure that you put in a request with IPS and follow the process for any changes, including category, degree level, or degree of study.