The Multicultural Festival

There will be no multicultural festival (i.e., dance or song performances) this year. However, international food will be available, with international student organizations offering the cuisine of their countries. Food will be available for take-away only, at the Dee Stadium, on the day of the parade (September 17, 2022).

Outside view of the Dee Stadium

Tempting aromas beckon as you collect your complimentary passport and immerse yourself in an atmosphere rich with taste, sound, texture, and color. Everyone comes for the food and stays for the entertainment. Rightly so. In addition to more than 10 live acts, well-known media personalities present Interactive International Trivia in TV-game-show style. Prize packages are both appetizing and useful (think pizza to tire alignments). Parade float winners are announced during the course of the afternoon. Stick around, savor the flavors, and immerse yourself in faraway worlds close to home.


Asian Dancers at the festival

From toe-tapping Copper Country clogging to dazzling Bollywood Glam, this multicultural entertainment spectacle features legends and lore galore, a glittering array of dance, music, and theatrical performances.


Chew on these tasty tips for servers and diners! Find the rules and regs rundown, and the booth application forms that food servers must fill in order to register.