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Parade of Nations


 One World, Our World

This year’s theme is “One World, Our World.”  A logo designed by Linnea Oja of Hancock, the 2020 winner of the annual Parade of Nations logo competition.

Hunt Team Answer Form

Teams participating in this years multicultural festival by hunting for clues submit the Hunt Team Answer Form when complete. The winning teams will be awarded by the committee on Saturday, September 19. All winners will be contacted with the email address entered on the submission form.

Scavenger Hunt First Round Clue

  1. John was encouraged by his grandma to study and get good grades. Once he made it to college, he started daydreaming of living inside a really big tree.
    Where is a tree he could live in on Michigan Tech's campus? Hint: You may need to bring something to stand on if you want to see if he's there!

  2. It’s a future like no other and it’s all created here.
    Where through these halls do walk
    The very best of engineers.

    You may think you’re looking for a book,
    But there’s a lot more here if you take a look.

    Use your ingenuity,
    As our box is guarded well.
    Under a symbol of commUNITY,
    The next clue will dwell.

  3. Sandy shores, volleyball, ice cream, swings, Paddle Sports, and more can be found at my location in Hancock. Find the next clue under one of the answers to this riddle:

    What might a baseball player do when going into home plate?

  4. This cherished Copper Country installation will lead you up or lead you down, but never move itself. It is seen by tens of thousands of persons daily, but they are utilizing a different mode of transportation. You'll need to "step" up to this challenge if you want your next clue.

  5. 50 years ago, Church Women United saw a need in the community to reach out to the spouses of foreign students at Michigan Tech. They started a group called International Cooks, which met twice a month to exchange recipes.

    They met at what was known as the Friendship House. Although it no longer exists, a "Shepherd" might help you find this location if you're being "Good". The next clue will be found where this house was located before the expansion.

  6. This location is used for many things, but it is really famous for one thing in particular. In fact, it's the seventh oldest of something in the world.

    This year it will be used by many people on November 3 for a different, but very important event.

    Although the inside might be cold in the winter, look outside where things might heat up.

  7. We all love our mother tongue and we believe that to speak in it is a right by birth. But did you know, some people laid down their lives for that right and one UN organization recognized their sacrifice? Thanks to their efforts, International Mother Language Day is now celebrated on February 21.

    Find the day (ignore month and year) when UNESCO announced they recognized that sacrifice. Then, add 11 to that date. The next clue will be found next to an entrance that is associated with the final number. Find the location by using an online MTU map.

  8. I have a great view of the bottom of the lift bridge from Hancock. It might feel like you're walking around in circles to find me, but you must walk all the way in before you can get back out. When you get to the center, you'll find your next clue.

  9. On Quincy Street in Hancock, you will find a vast expanse of "Green" near the sister campus named for a northern European nation. Upon the blades of grass, you will find an "Italian Party" and the "Running Man from Ghana" will give you your next clue.

We’re Still Celebrating Multiculturalism

Due to COVID-19, the popular parade and multicultural festival will not happen in person this year, but the Celebration will continue.  We look forward to celebrating the Keweenaw’s rich international heritage in safe and healthy ways.

Early in September, flags of the dozens of nations represented at Michigan Tech, Finlandia, and throughout the Keweenaw will be displayed on streetlight poles in the cities of Houghton and Hancock.  Their appearance will mark the kick-off of a Parade of Nations scavenger hunt that challenges teams of students, organizations, and individuals to follow a trail of clues throughout the community.  

Social distancing will be observed by each competing team as they search for answers to the question: “What country does this represent?”  The first-, second- and third-place teams will receive $300, $200 and $100 gift certificates in a drive-through awards ceremony on the Michigan Tech campus.

Watch for details later on how to join the scavenger hunt.

Photo albums and videos from previous years’ Parade of Nations will be featured on our Facebook page and the Parade of Nations website.  Special offerings such as international recipes and fun facts about various countries will also be spotlighted on the website. 

Although we’ll miss the excitement of the parade, the special flavors of the international foods and the joyful entertainment of Parade of Nations this fall, we’ll see you all in 2021.

For more information, contact Parade of Nations,, 906-487-2160