Modern Language Placement

If you have previous language experience and plan to continue your modern language studies at Michigan Tech, you must take the French, German, or Spanish placement test. Beginning students with no previous experience are welcome in our introductory classes.

The Modern Language Placement Test is used as a guide to place you at the appropriate level of study. All students with more than one year of high school language study are required to take the Michigan Tech online placement exam (registration information below). Exception: students who have scored a 3 or above on the AP exam are automatically given a waiver for 3rd year courses.

Placement credits are assigned by language and by course. Students should consult the instructor's syllabus for the list of courses for which they will receive placement credit. Students can receive a maximum of 9 placement credits in any language. Students must receive a B or better in their validation (placement) course in order to receive placement credits.

If you feel that your test results are incorrect or do not represent your level of language abilities, please feel free to contact our Undergraduate Advisor ( for assistance.

Course placement is based on your knowledge of grammatical structures and reading level in a second language. In order to accurately determine your placement level, dictionaries or other language aids should not be used.

Students may satisfy the Global Literacy requirement for graduation by successfully completing at least one 3000 level language class in French, German, or Spanish.

Important Note for French Language Students

Unfortunately, our French program is being discontinued. For the 2024-25 academic year only, we will have a limited number of advanced courses in French Language & Francophone Cultures. If you are an incoming student this Fall 2024 semester and you test into an advanced French course or have AP/IB placement you can still sign up for the courses taught this 2024-2025 academic year.

Courses offered during Fall 2024:
HU3275: French for the Professions (Translation)  - MWF, 2-2.50
HU3262: Topics in Francophone Cultures (English) – MWF, 12-12.50

Course offered during Spring 2025:
HU3274: Topics in French Literature & Culture – MWF, 12-12.50

Students who place below 3274/3275 will unfortunately not be able to take French coursework at Michigan Tech. We encourage you to contact our advisor Maria Bergstrom or the Modern Languages & Cultures director Leyre Alegre if you have questions regarding placement or courses.

Instructions for Taking the Modern Language Online Placement Test

The Placement Test is available online and at no charge to you. Incoming first year students are encouraged to take the placement test before arriving on campus in the fall. Current students may take the placement test at any time. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Pre-register for the test by filling out the Modern Language Placement Test Registration Form, or go to the Humanities Department (Office 319) in the Walker Building in person to request an access code to the test website.
  2. Submit the online registration form.
  3. Don't forget to include your email address. Upon submission of your Registration Form, you will receive an acknowledgment along with a login and password to you via email.
  4. With your login and password, log onto the Michigan Tech Placement Testing website and follow the directions. Your Placement Test login information is good for seven days. If you aren’t able to take the test within the seven day period, please contact our office for assistance (

Placement Cutoffs and Validation Course Equivalencies


  • HU 2271: 0-130
  • HU 2272: 131-210
  • HU 2273: 211-330
  • HU 3271: 331-420
  • HU 3272: 421-500
  • HU 3274 and 3275: 501-999


  • HU 2281: 0-200
  • HU 2282: 201-320
  • HU 3281: 321-440
  • HU 3282: 441-560
  • HU 3284 & 3285: 561-999


  • HU 2291: 0-130
  • HU 2292: 131-200
  • HU 2293: 201-320
  • HU 3291: 321-400
  • HU 3292: 401-479
  • HU 3293: 480-630
  • HU 3294, 3295, 3296: 631-999

Placement Credits

When students complete their validation course (the course they are placed into and enroll in for upon completion of the WebCape Online Placement Exam), with B or better they may qualify for placement credits as follows:


  • HU 2273: 3 cr for HU 2272
  • HU 3271: 3 cr for HU 2273
  • HU 3272: 6 cr for HU 2273 and HU 3271
  • HU3273: 9 cr for HU2273, HU3271, and HU3272
  • HU 3274 or HU 3275: 9 cr for HU 2273, HU 3271, and HU 3272


  • HU 2293: 3 cr for HU 2291
  • HU 3291: 3 cr for HU 2293
  • HU 3292: 6 cr for HU 2293 and HU 3291
  • HU 3293: 9 cr for HU 2293, HU 3291, and HU 3292
  • HU 3294, 3295, or 3296: 9 cr for HU 2293, HU 3291, and HU 3292


  • HU 3281: 3 cr for HU 2282
  • HU 3282: 6 cr for HU 2282 and HU 3281
  • HU 3283: 9 cr for HU 2282, HU 3281, HU 3282
  • HU 3284 and HU 3285: 9 cr for HU 2282, HU 3281, HU 3282