Modern Language Placement

If you plan to continue your modern language studies, you must take the French, German, or Spanish placement test. Michigan Tech offers a Minor and an International Minor in French, German, and Spanish.

The Modern Language Placement Test is used as a guide to place you at the appropriate level of study. All students with more than one year of high school language study are required to take the Michigan Tech online placement exam (registration information below). Exception: students who have scored a 3 or above on the AP exam are automatically given a waiver for 3rd year courses.

Placement credits are assigned by language and by course. Students should consult the instructor's syllabus for the list of courses for which they will receive placement credit. Students can receive a maximum of 9 placement credits in any language. Students must receive a B or better in their validation (placement) course in order to receive placement credits.

If you feel that your test results are incorrect or do not represent your level of language abilities, please feel free to contact our office ( for assistance by a Modern Language Program Advisor.

Course placement is based on your knowledge of grammatical structures and reading level in a second language. In order to accurately determine your placement level, dictionaries or other language aids should not be used.

Students may satisfy the Global Literacy requirement for graduation by successfully completing at least one 3000 level language class in French, German, or Spanish.