Pursue a Master’s degree or Doctorate of Philosophy in an environment that welcomes creative and critical interdisciplinary research. RTC graduate students make use of methodological tools and approaches to inquiry from a variety of disciplines to focus on issues and problems of contemporary relevance.

Our students prepare themselves to work in:


teaching and scholarship in rhetoric and composition, communication and media, technical communication, science and technology studies; writing center administration; digital media lab management; technology and information management; administration and educational staff


technical communication; journalism; web-development; publications management and editing; business administration and management; entrepreneurial ventures

Non-profit sector

NGO administration; grant writing, policy-making, activism

We seek students who are critical thinkers, intellectually curious, socially aware, and interested in diverse perspectives on a range of topics in humanistic scholarship. 

Research Possibilities…

Our students improve technical document usability and access for older adults. They shed light on the machinations of state power through critical discourse analysis and comparative rhetoric. They reflect on the experiences of writing instructors to improve the STEM curriculum. They critically examine the significance of color technologies and visualization in the history of science. They problematize reproductive technologies and the shaping of female embodiment through the Foucauldian clinical gaze.

Some other RTC projects

...examine the impact of digital technologies on the phenomenology of human experience

...study the challenges associated with developing writing centers in non-Western contexts

...develop a feminist analysis of the ways in which media representations impact women’s agency in contemporary Ghana

...critique the ambiguous role of comedians as public intellectuals in media representations of scientific controversies

...rhetorically analyze the impact of public policy on citizens' participation in the public sphere

...investigate the feasibility of integrating gaming technologies in composition pedagogy

...research the impact of biometric verification technologies on political communication and democratic processes in a contemporary post-colonial context

And more…

Degree Options

Degree Requirements for MS and PhD include a curriculum of courses in scholarly work, pedagogy, and content courses.