Health Informatics graduate students in class
Accelerate your healthcare career.

Graduate Certificates

Earn Credit Towards an MS in Health Informatics

The Michigan Tech Health Informatics certificate programs present opportunities for working professionals and undergraduate students to acquire expertise in several critical, fast-expanding areas of computing and healthcare, while also earning credit towards an MS in Health Informatics.

Certificates may also count toward your employer's continuing education requirements, and the courses cover all the material you'll need to prepare for several professional certifications.

HI Certificates are Stackable

Start with the Foundations of Health Informatics certificate and complete two of the three focus-area certificates, below, to earn an MS in Health Informatics. The focus area health informatics certificate programs may be completed in any sequence.

Get Started Right Away

You can get started on a Health Informatics certificate right away. There are no prerequisites, as the courses are designed to build your Health Informatics knowledge from the ground up. And don't worry about letters of recommendation. They're not  needed.

Certificates Are for Traditional Students, Too

Jump-start your career, boost your credentials, and move up the ladder faster by completing one or more Health Informatics certificates. Or, sign up for the Accelerated Master's program for undergraduates. Talk to an advisor to chart your path. You could complete both a BS and MS in five years!

Graduate certificates are a great way to:

  • Continue your education

  • Build expertise and skill sets

  • Advance your career

  • Stay current on emerging innovations

  • Review best practices

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Network with colleagues